Yangrima Children Project

Water filter Code number: 2006


Portable Aqua Unit For Lifesaving PAUL

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Water filter PAUL: 

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Your Name:  Gopal Lama

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Ansprechpartner bei Mountain Spirit Deutschland e.V. für das Projekt PAUL: 

Wolfgang Henzler  


Ansprechpartner für das Project PAUL in Nepal: Mountain Spirit foundation


registration ,  monitoring and measurement of process in hand of Mountain Spirit foundation


 Email Address: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!    contact person : P. Sherpa

You’re Organization: JNF  Just Nepal Foundation

Project title:   Yangrima Children Project

Project Site:   Sermathang Helambu


Project Summary: (Please provide a brief statement about the purpose that the water filter will serve in your project site.)

Purpose of applying for the water filter is to supply clean drinking water to the school. Until now children get water directly from the tap which is supplied from the open water source and its open source. So, usually water gets contaminated at the source during the monsoon.

Name: Water filter

How many people:   150 children and 250 adults.

Household:   78

How is the situation about the water?

Water is directly supplied from the water source without any filtrating system.

Project area:  Yangrima School Project

Project Location: Sermathang, Kiul-7, Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal.

On Site Contact Information (please provide at least one way to contact):

  Name:    Diksha Shah



   Physical address  

  Conditions about the room where the PAUL will be installed:  

   Is the room secure and clean?  

 Yes, the room is secure

Can the room be locked in a way that the person can control?

Yes. The designated person is in charge of the safety and maintenance of the filter.

 Is the room weather-proof? (e.g. does the room protect the water filter from rain, sand, etc?)

Yes the room is weather proof.

Manual in English and Nepali

Water filters Code number: 2006