ChyangmitYANG Village Clinic


  1. 1.General Background

Chyangmityang Village Clinic (CVC) was established with financial and technical support from Mountain Spirit. The clinic located in Kanku Village Development Committee (VDC) in Solukhumbu district has been providing primary health care to the local people since November 2005. The CVC was constructed in joined efforts of the local communities and Mountain Spirit. All the local community's people are very thankful to Mountain Spirit Deutschland for one more year extension. They are very positive towards clinic service and valuable support. We all the local people are very grateful to Mountain Spirit.

ChyangmitYANG clinic

Participants of meeting

  1. 2.Objectives of the Clinic

The main objective of the clinic was to provide primary health care service to the poor people and raise their level of awareness on heath and sanitation. The other specific objectives of the project are:

  1. provide first aid
  2. provide basic clinical services
  3. provide aware the public on health and sanitation
  4. empower the local people to mobilize resources


  1. 3.Achievements

The Chyangmityang Village Clinic has been successful to provide primary health care service to the local communities and people from the surrounding villages. Here are the main achievements of the clinic:

  1. a.Establishment of well furnished clinic building (3 rooms, solar home unit, furniture, primary health care equipments).
  2. b.Free basic health service provided to about 6,000 people including patients from the surrounding villages.
  3. c.Basic health care service provided to the school children and monks.
  4. d.Local communities empowered to mobilize local resources.
  5. e.Foreign volunteers mobilized (7 German volunteers have serviced in the community).
  6. f.The implementing organization have learnt and gained experience to implement health project in mountain communities. 


      Local people are getting discuss in meeting




  1. 4.Current Status of the Clinic

The clinic has been continuously providing basic health care service to the poor people in a remote mountain village. A paramedical staff Mr. Kumar Mani Sharma has been providing health service in the clinic. Mr. Sharma the permanent inhabitant of Solukhumbu has completed Community Medical Assistant (CMA) course conducted by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). He has been providing more paramedical services and prescribing just the basic medicines authorized by the council.


There is a local management committee to look after the day to day activities in the village. Similarly, the CSWG have been coordinating at central level in Kathmandu. The management committee of CSWG has formed a new eleven member executive committee for next two years under the leadership of Mr. Pasang Gyaljen Sherpa in August 2008 in Kathmandu.

The local management committee is fully responsible to manage the clinic in village. The have recently formed a new management committee under the leadership of Mr. Tshewang Sherpa, who has long management experience in schools and VDC level other organizations. Now they are charging NRs. 20 to the patients for check up and basic treatment.

Depending on season, at least 3 to 10 patients visit the clinic for basic health services. The health worker frequently visits the school, monastery, and elderly people for observation of health and sanitation there. He also runs awareness class regularly on different health issues in the clinic.


During our visit, we organized meeting with clinic management committee about the clinic operation and services. Meanwhile we had discussed about   future operation and issues. The next day we called the whole people for the meeting, got discussed about clinic operation and service in future, formed local people committee for registration of organization under the leadership of Mr Tenji Sherpa with 7 committee members. As a sustainable linkage mechanism, we came on final decision to register the local community organization in district administration office. With the preparation of all the necessary document and legal signing on paper, we registered local community organization in district administration office. We handover the registration certificate to President Mr Tenji Sherpa.They promised us they do their best.


Importance of the Expand

The Chyangmityang Social Welfare Group is making a plan to uplift CVC through fundraise and purpose different INGO's. Now they have different plan to run the Clinic sustainable doing delegation to MoHP/Directorate of Health/DHO Proposal to VDC and DDC Approaching NGOs working in health sector both in District and Central Levels. Chyangmityang Social Welfare Group have very good plan to sustain by own responsibility. All the local communities were actively involved in the establishment of the CVC from initial phase.


Here are some of the efforts made by the local communities:

  1. a.Labor contribution during the construction of the clinic.
  2. b.Financial contribution NRs. 500/- per household. The money is managed by the local committee as revolving fund for generating some interests.
  3. c.The local committee has constructed extra two rooms mobilizing resources from VDC. The two extra rooms were constructed for patients coming from other villages. They are using it as a waiting room and dormitory for patients staying overnight there.
  4. d.The local communities also cooperated and supported the foreign volunteers during their work and stay in the village.
  5. e.The local management committee has obtained a telephone set in the name of clinic which they are using to generate some funds.
  6. f.The local people who are staying in Kathmandu have formed a fund raising committee for the clinic. They are collecting the funds continuously.



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