Basic health workshop in Chyangmityang village 2010

Participants of workshop


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Mountain Spirit

Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Post Box 10185


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Phuri Lama Sherpa

General Member


I am grateful to Mountain Spirit Deutschland and Mountain Spirit Nepal for providing opportunity to   facilitate Basic Health workshop.

In this regard, my special thanks go to Dr. Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa, The President of Mountain Spirit Nepal for his valuable suggestion.

My special thanks go to the Team from Mountain Spirit Germany for their active support and presentation to conduct this workshop successfully. I am also thankful to all the villagers and participants for their active participation in the workshop.

Last but not the least I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Ang Phinjo Sherpa.

Phuri Lama Sherpa

  1. 1.General Background

 Chyangmityang is a typical Sherpa village in Solukhumbu district in eastern Nepal. The village is located in north east of the district headquarter Sallery at about 3 kilometers distant. This unexplored village lies at 2600 to 3000 meters elevation.

There are about 48 households with 316 populations. There is a primary school established in 2041 BS with 39 students, and a monastery established in 2057 BS with 45 monks. There are about 13 HH of Bishwakarma (Dalit, untouchable caste) in the village and the rest are all Sherpas.

Chyangmityang Village Clinic (CVC) was established with financial and technical support from Mountain Spirit. The clinic located in Kanku Village Development Committee (VDC) in Solukhumbu district has been providing primary health care to the local people since November 2005. The CVC was constructed in joined efforts of the local communities and Mountain Spirit.



With the participation of MSD members (Donor), the clinic operation & management is handed over to the local community (CSWG) in November 2009. During the time, MSD members visited School, Monastery and observed the clinic services to the community people. And experienced the village life and future needs for the village. All the members of MSD were impressed with the local people. One of the members of MSD realized the necessity of the workshop regarding basic first aid and hygiene. As a result, Health Workshop is conducted in Chyangmiteng village in presence of Dthe Team for 10 days in morning 7:00am – 10:00am considering their busy time in Agriculture. In our workshop, we specially talked about the problems that generally prevail in the community like: wound, alcohol diseases, smoke, fire burn, fracture, common cold, TB, diarrhea, and hygiene etc.


There was good number of participants total 17 including the school teachers, CMA, Young learners, active Parents etc. All the participants appreciated such type of workshop in village for the first time and expected more other workshops in future too. All the participants were committed to share their knowledge and advice gained on workshop to family, friends and neighbors. They learned that "prevention is better than cure".

  1. 2.Objectives of the Workshop

The main objective of the workshop was to provide the knowledge about the first aid and hygiene and aware the local people about importance of health, raise their level of awareness on heath and sanitation.


Name List of Participants in Workshop:

  1.   Dali Sherpa
  2.   Ang Phurba Sherpa
  3.   Tanka B.K
  4.   Babita Lamichhane
  5.   Balkumari Lamichhane
  6.   Bal Ram Basnet
  7.   Nima Sherpa
  8.   Rinjee Sherpa
  9.   Pasang Sherpa
  10.  Tenjee Sherpa
  11.  Chhiree Sherpa
  12.  Pasi Sherpa
  13.  Phuli Sherpa
  14.  Pasi Sherpa
  15.  Sani Sherpa
  16.  Tashi Sherpa
  17.  Phurba Sherpa


  1. 1.Through this workshop I knew that such workshops are really necessary for mountain community people to raise awareness level, educate on particular area and build capacity of understanding etc.
  1. 2.All the participants appreciated for our workshop and showed more demand in future more depth in health sector.
  1. 3.Project related workshops and trainings are really important for local people before or after implementationproject.
  1. 4.As a mountain community supporting organization, MSN should focus on different workshops, trainings and seminars in different area of mountain region.



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