Portable Aqua Unit For Lifesaving PAUL

Ansprechpartner für das Project PAUL in Nepal: Mountain Spirit Foundation

Registrierung ,  Überwachung und Einführung

Wasserfilter Projektübersicht:


Village Comitee Chyangmityang                             Nummer: 1320

Kailash Bodhi School Kathmandu                            Nummer: 1322

White Hills School Salleri                                        Nummer: 1323

Classroom in the Cloud School                                Nummer: 1324

Classroom in the Cloud School                                Nummer: 1325

Village Comitee Changu Narayan                            Nummer: 2001

Shree Champadevi Prim. School Champadevi        Nummer: 2002

Shree Jana Priya Secondary School                       Nummer: 2003

Thaksindu School Solu                                             Nummer: 2004

School Tapting                                                          Nummer: 2005

Yangrima School Sermathang                                 Nummer: 2006

Shisuwakhola  Health Post                                      Nummer: 2007

Kalika Secondary School                                         Nummer: 2008

Bagishweri Lower Secondary School                      Nummer: 2009

Sri Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School              Nummer: 2010

Balayamdang Secondary School                              Nummer: 2011

Bala Secondary School                                             Nummer: 2012

Kalika LowerSecondary School                                Nummer: 2013

Manetar Flood Victims Group                                    Nummer: 2014

Mewaraja Middle School                                           Nummer: 2015

Shree Fatanje Lower Secondary School                  Nummer: 2016

Laxmi Primary School Sankhuwasabha                   Nummer: 2017

Shree Sec. School Gola                                             Nummer: 2018

UMN  Hospital  Okhaldunga                                      Nummer: 2019

Phungmuche Bhuddist Lower Sch.                           Nummer: 2020

Suri  Dolakha  School and Village Suri                     Nummer: 2021

Taksindu higher school Nunthala                              Nummer: 2022

Gudel Higher secondary School                                Nummer: 2023

Sagarmatha Secondery School Bung 6                    Nummer: 2024

Sri Birendra Jyoti Higher Sec. School                      Nummer:2025

Pelmang lower secondery School                             Nummer:2026

Chheskam Secondery School                                    Nummer:2027

Ogyen chholing monastery                                        Nummer:2028

L.R.I.higher secondery School Kalangki 1                Nummer:2029

L.R.I.higher secondery School Kalangki 2                Nummer:2030

Himalayan Engl. Boarding School Lukla                   Nummer:2031

Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School Lukla            Nummer:2032

Shree Padmankanya Sec School Dkamku                Nummer:2033

Shree Candrosaya Primary School Basa                  Nummer:2034

Shree Bhakapalam Sec. School Sotang-6                Nummer:2035

Namgyal higher sec, School Gokarna                       Nummer:2036

Sherpa Gomba Bhouda                                               Nummer:2037

Classroom in the Cloud School                                  Nummer:2038

Classroom in the Cloud School                                  Nummer: 2039

Classroom in the Cloud School                                  Nummer: 2040


Beispiel: Vertrag mit den Betreibern eines Wasserfilters

 Request Form

Water filter PAUL:  

Requester Information:


Your Name: 

Your Email Address:

Ansprechpartner Mountain Spirit Deutschland e.V. für das Projekt PAUL: 

Ansprechpartner für das Project PAUL in Nepal: Mountain Spirit Foundation

registration ,  monitoring and measurement of process in hand of Mountain Spirit foundation

Email Address:

You’re Organization:

Project title:

Project Site:


Project Summary: (Please provide a brief statement about the purpose that the water filter will serve in your project site.) Purpose of applying for the water filter is to supply clean drinking water to the school. Until now children get water directly from the tap which is supplied from the open water source and its open source. So, usually water gets contaminated at the source during the monsoon.

Name: Water filter

How many people:


How is the situation about the water? Water is directly supplied from the water source without any filtrating system.

Project area:

Project Location:  

On Site Contact Information (please provide at least one way to contact):




   Physical address:

  Conditions about the room where the PAUL will be installed: 

   Is the room secure and clean? 

  • Yes, the room is secure

Can the room be locked in a way that the person can control?

  • The person committed to lock the water filter after receiving
  • Prem Rai    

 Is the room weather-proof? (e.g. does the room protect the water filter from rain, sand, etc?)

  • Yes the room is weather proof.

Manual in English and Nepali

Water filters Code number:



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