Himalaya Natural Fibre Foundation

Himalaya Natural Fibre Foundation (HNFF) was founded and registered in 2006 by a group of local indigenous people of Sankhuwasabha and Solukhumbu districts of Eastern Nepal. It is a local and non-profit organization registered in Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. HNFF was established on the basis of the economic and social benefits of allo, the Himalayan giant nettle.

HNFF works in remote districts of Nepal where natural fibres are available and being used by indigenous and marginalized community people for subsistence income.


Economic self-reliance and prosperous society of indigenous, disadvantaged and marginalized people of rural Nepal.


The mission of HNFF is to make Nepal one of the major high quality natural fibre products suppliers, so that indigenous, disadvantaged and marginalized people from remote fibre-producing districts can benefit economically, culturally and environmentally. 

HNFF strives to achieve the highest standards of governance, accountability to stakeholders, representation of the natural fibre sector, and services to fibre-producing communities in the Himalayan region.


Develop and promote sustainable natural fibre-based micro enterprises for improved livelihood


1) To motivate/encourage sustainable production, innovative use and promotion of natural fibres in the Himalayan regions for the benefit of current and future generations, with a particular focus on rural women-led nettle fibre producer groups, and 

2) To empower indigenous groups, marginalized communities and other vulnerable groups involved with natural fibres to advocate for improved policies and services so that economic and social benefits flow to the producers are ensured.

Our Work:

HNFF recently established a network federation of producer groups in7 VDCs of Makalu-Barun National Park and Buffer Zone (MBNPBZ) and formed the first ever Himalaya Fibre Network with representatives from each women-led allo producer group. The purpose of this Fiber Federation is to avoid duplication of I/NGOs work related to allo products and advocate and assert their rights over natural resources and market information, including transparent records of allo business. HNFF also supported the Fiber Federation in establishing an Allo Service Centre (ASC) and has trained the ASC manager on record and bookkeeping. Communication equipment and other furniture support were provided to the ASC for its effective operation. Allo producer groups from other VDCs located outside the MBNPBZ are also the members of the Fiber Federation. The purpose of this ASC is to create liaison between the women allo producer groups and Kathmandu-based private company for allo business. Similarly, the ASC also provides its services in linking semi-processed allo materials (Jakhilma) from the allo producer groups located outside the MBNPBZ to finished product producer groups which minimizes the scarcity of raw materials to meet the quantity of the market demand. To monitor and deliver the products in time, the ASC provides monitoring services and builds professional relationship between the ASC and women allo producer groups.

This mechanism enhances networking among the producer groups that are widely scattered in the remote villages of northern Sankhuwasabha and eastern Solukhumbu districts. Uniting them for a collaborative business will establish transparent and good governing systems to build their trust and self-confidence within the producers for an entrepreneurship development. And most importantly, this mechanism renders immediate payment system to the allo producer which minimizes taking high interest loan to meet their daily needs. 


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